Another night passed.

Overwhelmed with emotions, she was finding her pen with utmost restlessness. I guess, those words of her and the paper that was to be inked was more important than her tears. She started writing, with a complete silence in her room. The clock struck twelve and she was all alone with her words. In ears…

I fear my fear. Why is it so?

Why is it so? When expectations seem to obey and dreams follow the intentions, then an unexpected, an unwelcomed fear develops and takes a corner in the room of happiness. When someone touches my heart so much so that i get bound to them, then suddenly from somewhere the breeze of separation wipes that smile…

“If you can find an opening, you can probably find a way to float through it.”

“Have something to bring to the table, because then you will be more welcomed .”

2 Wheeler Observation- way back to home

While my two wheeler was waiting for the green color, my eyes started their all time favorite work and began looking the things from a writer’s perspective, gazing the things as the fictional characters of an old era typical fictional story line. The first thing that attracted them was a poor man, shabbily dressed up…


“Life is an ever flowing stream whose each and every current is loaded with an action.”


Let the words be unspoken … Let the feelings be unshown … Let the hidden magic be hidden … Let the hidden magic happen … Terry a little ! Leave the ends opened … Don’t Force, Let the skies shimmer, Let the mysteries unfold … Let the magic be untold, Terry a little ! AJ