Sweet Childhood Memories

” Papa , look the moon is smiling today ! “6eb412a2c65e228e3947ee705ce5fc0c

That tenderness of a cute naughty smile slowly gradually turning into a loud beautiful laughter melodious to the ears reminds me of my childhood . When a morning would start with beautiful sun rays and Ma’s gentle soft hand on the face tapping to get up and sit in her lap . Her soft voice telling me to look at the chirping birds and the beautiful morning sky . Those blue hued clouds seemed to take different shapes as that of a teddy , a smiley , a bird and so many imaginary things . She use to get me ready , make me eat delicious food , with every single bite of it slowly melting into the mouth and giving the best taste up to the zenith . It was the time of no worries , time when I was not familiar with the word named Rat Race ( in which everybody was mad running the race for money ) . Every single glance seemed happy , and the whole day was all about running randomly in the house playing , searching for something or the other unknown . Curiosity was such ! Evenings were all about looking at the small birds sitting on the street wires .4515cdcd14b2ac31a0b23636a176092b One hopping up the wire and other the down . As in the chorus state of mind , I expected the latter to hop up again it suddenly flew ! Then Papa’s call use to drew the attention .

” Come pick your ball up , let’s go to the park ! ” .9b7e6a150b21e70301ac2b632638b82b

This was something that use to bring a wide smile to my face with a lot of excitement inside !  The time was such that even the immense struggle to lift up my small leg and hit the ball hard so that it could reach Pa’s feet gave a feeling of an accomplishment . And then last but not least was plucking off the beautiful flowers from the garden to adore the pot in my room . Returning home bidding the orange sun goodbye while he use to go home gave the feeling of departure of a dear one ! Although sometimes at 6 , sometimes at 7 and sometimes at 5 . This always use to be a big confusion !(laughs) .

” Papa why does the sun not go at one fixed time everyday !? Sometimes I miss saying him goodbye ! ”

. Returning home after few hours of playing football gave the feeling of returning from hectic work as Pa use to (laughs) . Dinner kept ready on the table use to make my mouth watery . Again every single bite melting gently into the mouth was the best feeling ever . No rush ! No worries ! No hustle ! No bustle !

Just a cute smile . . . And an innocent laughter it was .  The so called cunning ‘ TIME ‘ used to be a friend of mine !

Neither the days were hectic , nor the nights were sleepless . 85e16941de83aa5f60f5d2ec1cf959e6A brisk walk with mom and dad , both tall enough and me the small one between the two holding the hand of both one time jumping the left leg up following the right leg and the other the vice-versa use to look into the night sky counting the countless stars and singing all about myself ( I don’t know singing what . . . I guess humming . . . ) . That naughty moon changing faces every single day aroused my curiosity . Half to crescent , crescent to half to full again and one day suddenly disappearing . That day used to be the most tiring day for Pa as I use to drag him along everywhere on the terrace to find the moon ! Ending of a beautiful day and beginning of the musical night was followed up by granny’s magical stories .a573a4f741292fb7b10eb93e1f8eee49 Loosing self in those magical stories in subconscious state with a fading realization of mom’s gentle tapping hand on the forehead helped me cross the dark night .

Such were those days . . .

Such were those nights . . .  !