Near a wooden balcony door, espying off into her dreams that

Far Way long somewhere where the mystical sky and the shore soil met

That long distance till where her sight could go…

Out of that portico door!

The pleasant blow of the evening breeze gave her the feel of her dreams

Out of that piazza balcony door!

Those morning sun rays showering upon her lit face the blessings for her dreams,

Out of the Sun kissed door!

That evening brew gave her the taste of her dreams

Sipping, sitting near the balcony door!

The glare of the twinkling stars in that beautiful celestial night sky

Pinched her off to face the hurdles

Out of that mezzanine door!

Flight to her dreams was that balcony door!

Her soul stuck in dreams,

Her dreams stuck in a balcony door!

Such was being stuck,

Such was her imagination,

Such were her sizzling dreams,

Such was that fascinating, magical,

Balcony door…!