Poetry #58

Novus Lectio

Open your arms to me
Let me get your soft embrace
To Ease my pains and sorrows
By looking at your eyes
Reaching deep into my soul
I feel the love and tenderness
I needed in this moment
you’re my all and everything

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Concert Hall…

Live Out Crazy

Concert hall is not only the one with Taylor Swift’s voice echoing or Papa Mania band covering the stage but..
But might be the one where she is crying in dense darkness with foggy-diminished shadows of all those who once visited her life out of excitement(in not ok sense) and left out of amusement.
She’s wonderstruck if the amusement is within herself or the surroundings or the environment she is raised in..
Those teary eyes,dull-dumb minds,innocent hearts ♥ and the wobbly soul still questing for someone lost in woods tagged LIFE.
Because its my concert hall…

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