Free spirits: I like one.

The heart was not a slave, mind was not a master;

Fuel of her own heart, she was the ardent fire.

Nether to nothing, radical to everything;

Not a frigid rather a fervent, she was a rampant.

Chauvinist of her dreams, fanatic for her passion;

Sill a native, no more pandemic and now an endemic.

Corrupt she was in every eye. People spread a quietude.

As if she cared?

Kick of her passion,

Stirred her up!

Whipped her up!

Society was a no stall,

No wonder!

She was an extremist; Biased towards her life.

Had she shoved over their notions,

Then she had been a death, to her own passion.

She didn’t stumble over a society boulder,

Agitation was such.

Yes! Free spirit, she was.

And, I like one.


I started gazing.

Saffron they were,

A shining silver outline giving them the

Shape of a cloud,

Half the sky had a golden rush,


And the half, the clouds filled with dirt,

Black, dark;

Charisma and a beautiful contrast of

The gold and the black,

The divine and the humane,

The holy and the filthy,

The pure and the polluted;

It’s half past seven now,


Golden ‘seems’ to leave,

Leave, or stay there forever?

While gray is to take over,

And once again, the human eyes stumble

Over some ‘developed theories’.

Dusty clouds seem embedded with some sparkle;

Stardust it is,



Soon the beauty of the night will conceal the

Dust somewhere in its vicinity,

Where no one finds it;

And Azul will once again be the winner,

Blue will be spilled the tomorrow morning,

As always.

Well, for now,

Night ‘seems’ to have won,

Golden ‘seems’ to have left,

Just the way everyone who once came,

Have, by now, left;

Left, if they ever came,

Left I am,

Still gazing;

Unread Dreams

I stand alone,

Only me and no breath around,

Stand, in a desert of cells.

Yes, they are the animal cells.

Sand granules of the cold deserts,

Seem melting into a blue sea,

Sea, with a no usual water, called plasma.

The cell plasma.

Plasma, which I slowly begin to sink in.

The orange hued mitochondria,

And a food vacuole all around,

All around floating in it like monsters.

Do you think, sand melted because it’s the global warming out there?

Well, no,

That’s the result of the warmth in my body,

The warmth of the red blood running in my veins.a4964b8a421bdd792eeae1a4bf19a30a

Oh, the sea also has creatures!

You didn’t know?

It’s the nucleus and the nucleolus,

Golgi bodies and the endoplasmic reticulum,

Lysosomes and ribosomes,

All resting in the palanquin,

Palanquin of thick, transparent, green plasma shade.

Gaining some wits,

I see I’m sinking.


Am I?

Pushing it hard from the bottom, against the buoyancy,

I try my luck.

The cells seem to zoom out,

All to combine together forming millions,

Millions like the eggs of a toad laid in the waters.

Cells, combining to form the full human beings,

Beings with different colors.

The changing colors.

As I come out sliding of the dream,

The liquid starts evaporating,

Evaporating into some familiar gases.

The Oxygen, the Nitrogen, the Argon, the Hydrogen, the Carbon Dioxide,

Forming the air I dreamt in.

The numeric of Celsius shuffle once again,

From hundred degree Celsius dropping down to zero,

Forming the sand again,

And sand forming the deserted land back again,

With plenty of blind shades around,

Amongst which I stand alone,

With so many cells, and still no breath around.

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El Hombre y La Mujer

“What is he doing to me?”

She wonders,

Speculating, how he does that?


That with utmost perfection, he makes her fall,

A fall that she used to fear,

Fear, that tasted sour,

Sour, or she’d say caustic,

Fear, of falling for a man, once again,

All over again, once again.


Fear, that all of a sudden vaporizes,

Vaporizes, the moment he touches her,

Touch, so fine that she never had before,

Touch, that at a time she wanted to run far from,

From touch, now at times that she deeply craves for,

Craves for, all over again, once again.


So fluently that he comes around,

Around, making an adorable wax melt for him already,

Already until, she sense him grazing,

Grazing, kissing softly at the ruck of her neck,

Embracing every fold and every curl,

And his warmth sending prickles to her all over,

All over, fuming the air with his kinky rojo scent.


And then,

Feeling him breathe right below her chin,

She steps back,

Back, because she still fears the fall,

Fall until, he grabs her by the waist,

Pulls her back,

Back again, making her gasp a hollow moan,

Moan, so silent that her heart skips a beat,

For, she sniffs him by her side,

For, she feels a man by her side.



She keeps pondering, how he does that?

Crafting her fall,

A fall, she no longer fears,

A fall, she now longs for,

In essence,

Mastering the skill, akin a boss.


I’ll kneel down


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But tears roll down my eyes when accidentally my gaze is attracted towards our dusty dry old pictures;

The field of the magnet seems so vast that they seem to govern one of my two thoughts;

Every action of mine, every capture of their’s, every thought reminds me of them.


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But few words seemed to overweight the strength of a love bond;

Few actions seemed enough to shatter the bridge between the two hearts.

An unlucky day it was when the trains of our hearts separated their ways.4e427361ae9d68911c07bd7852a9314a


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But I can’t now bear the unwelcomed silence;

I can’t hold the weight of guilt anymore,

Guilt of me being an autist.

My eyes now seem to run from the catch of their glance,

And my soul seems desiring to hide somewhere deep inside;

As if I’m a thief.

But is it really my fault?


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But I always bowed, even if it was their’s,

Intentional or unintentional.

I kneeled for the sake of that love bridge,

I kneeled for their sake,

I kneeled for my sake;

I always did.


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But that day I didn’t bow down,

It was the first time I spoke in that relation,

And guess what!?

It seems, I ruined everything.

I should have better kept mum,

For the silence of then, would have wiped the silence of now.


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But I ask the lords to be just,

And take my introvertedness for a while,

Until I could build the bridge once again.

A very look at their portrait pinches my heart off,

The axe feels sharp enough,

And the ache is as that of someone digging little bits of my heart every second.


I don’t know it’s my fault or their’s,

But old fears surround me,

I pray to the lord of silence, to give me strength,

To kneel down once again,

For the sake of that bond.

People talk a lot, stray dogs bark a lot,

But I believe,

I’m a traveler,

They are also a traveler,

A fortunate junction will await our reunite,

For I’ll make the trains meet once again.c2265aa0ea8f031fa13b0dc31a3346c2

Agony Of Betrayal (Rhyme)

Poetic translation to- Agony Of Betrayal


A man walks all alone,

With no- one to make a hold;

Frozen as snow,

He takes the path that he goes.

Walking all way on those footpath tiles,

Eventually he covers quite a couple of miles;

He was all by himself in this trend;

May be he had let all his money to lend,

To buy just a couple of friends.

Maybe, finally, he got one…

Someone from that path itself,

Which he’d been walking wholesome…

May be it was the time his fate was about to change…

May be his happiness was about to go off range…

But perhaps life wanted something for an exchange…

Now, was our hero willing to pay?

The new friend began with his colors of evil…

The word evil is more than its revealing’…

Wanna know it?

Ask me, I would say, LIVE is EVIL…

May be the friend was just a disguise and a devil…

He soon turned his back;

Yes, you believe it.

This is the human nature as I take it…

Use ‘n’ throw and you never consider it…

It’s kind a funny,

That he took him to be loyal…

It’s so regretting,

You can’t make a denial…

All I can say is that,

Its ‘Agony Of Betrayal’.

(By a friend- Jason)

I fear my fear. Why is it so?

Why is it so?

When expectations seem to obey and dreams follow the intentions, then an unexpected, an unwelcomed fear develops and takes a corner in the room of happiness.

When someone touches my heart so much so that i get bound to them, then suddenly from somewhere the breeze of separation wipes that smile off.

When heights seem closer, destinations are no more blurred, then the fear of slipping, the fear of falling haunts me.

It feels like a vacuum, with minimal friction and no gravity.

Why is not everything permanent in this universe?

Why isn’t so?

Someone will have to leave one day,

Happy phases will transform someday,

The loneliness, the silence has to retake once again.

Why is it so?

When crowds seem to make me laugh,f94cef5b93f249d6f3baf86ca9b01eb8

When a group of people seem to be a family,

When people are there all around to help me,

To cheer me up;

To console me; to be my hand in solving problems;

To motivate me;

To make me laugh; to be a reason behind my smile;

To keep me occupied;

To make me forget the 24 hours of the day;

To make me love my life;

To make me cherish every moment;

To wipe my tears off;

In essence making me laugh out loud,

And when those people become my habit,

And i get used to them,

When things seem to be sorted out,

Then, why that fear of loosing everything and again being alone runs up my nerves?

Why do I need to teach my pupil every single second to adjust according to the light of life?

Why that fear dries my throat?

Why does that blurs my vision?

Why is it a leach sucking my blood?

Why does that create a hustle in the synced cells of my mind?

I fear those streets of silence!

I fear my fear of losing.34eda8bad40e1dcd2cc9bd7b9ee38ec3



Let the words be unspoken …

Let the feelings be unshown …

Let the hidden magic be hidden …

Let the hidden magic happen …

Terry a little !

Leave the ends opened …

Don’t Force,

Let the skies shimmer,

Let the mysteries unfold …

Let the magic be untold,

Terry a little !