Few pale pages

Corneas bowing to the centums, serving and collecting the thousand words, drinking the aroma of imagery, find a sail in the breeze of fantasies.

A theory concealed behind the twinkle of a glamour hides in those hundred pages and a millennium of thousand words. Those few pale pages taste as worlds far extended to the zeniths.

There floats a plethora of emotions in the prefrontal cortex of the human brain.

The shape of the alphabets hides in them the soothe for the physical pain caused due to someone in their heart digging little bits of it.

The electric atmosphere and the etiquette of going from fifty nine to sixty, sixty to sixty one makes the heart sing and more than exhilaration, makes feel like completeness.

Such is the power, the magic of few pale pages!


*The sunset made the sea sparkle with a million shades of orange and gold.*


– In tribute to the book ‘ LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT ‘ by Preeti Shenoy

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