Agony Of Betrayal (Rhyme)

Poetic translation to- Agony Of Betrayal


A man walks all alone,

With no- one to make a hold;

Frozen as snow,

He takes the path that he goes.

Walking all way on those footpath tiles,

Eventually he covers quite a couple of miles;

He was all by himself in this trend;

May be he had let all his money to lend,

To buy just a couple of friends.

Maybe, finally, he got one…

Someone from that path itself,

Which he’d been walking wholesome…

May be it was the time his fate was about to change…

May be his happiness was about to go off range…

But perhaps life wanted something for an exchange…

Now, was our hero willing to pay?

The new friend began with his colors of evil…

The word evil is more than its revealing’…

Wanna know it?

Ask me, I would say, LIVE is EVIL…

May be the friend was just a disguise and a devil…

He soon turned his back;

Yes, you believe it.

This is the human nature as I take it…

Use ‘n’ throw and you never consider it…

It’s kind a funny,

That he took him to be loyal…

It’s so regretting,

You can’t make a denial…

All I can say is that,

Its ‘Agony Of Betrayal’.

(By a friend- Jason)

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