Condition Of A Heart : a mystery unsolved

‘She, who was an old customer of a store named ‘ The Conditions Of The Heart ‘
(Whose sole purpose was to sell the conditions in the form of puzzles to be solved by the freaks). And She being a regular one was like used to these riddles! These were her favorite drink as a chameleon changing color with every new one to solve, with every new condition of love the heart became an intentional victim of.1f474a9b96110a6406c6751ae1170cd6
She shared a special bond with a common character Mr. The heart, who being mischievously notorious became a reason behind the love matters being the riddles!
She a fluent reader of heart was now almost like 10 riddles old and had played cupid solving these matters of heart;Solving these matters of love. Solving these conditions of heart!

Mr. Heart had now become her best friend almost accepting the fact that he would never be able to win in deceiving the mystery of the riddles as long as she was a customer, that too an experienced, old, regular customer. However, he being notorious made his last try and played a game on her!

He painted a riddle on ‘her’ heart.

Now that the game was on her, the riddle seemed extremely interesting. It being her final test if she could solve the love mystery of her own heart! If she could help heal the condition of her own heart! If she could solve the riddle on her own heart!

One who played a cupid in unfolding the mysteries of everyone’s heart, one who was strong enough a sage giving advises for matters of various hearts was now. . . a lame, deaf, blind, sick student who could not actually interpret her own situation. . .
Such the riddle was!
Such her confusion was!9369efbb41d85007d278a450ade5315a
Such the intentional love was!
And such the matter of heart was!
Vise a sage for others, but still a dumb student for herself, she needed someone to aid the very condition of her heart, which by now had drowned itself almost deep inside a dense ocean of love.
Indeed, an intentional love!
She could have,
better say might have,
somehow solved the riddle by gradually overcoming her dumbness
But her love again was caged by the humidity of time!
Limited the time was!
Scarced her wits were!
Do or die scenario it was!
If someone could have helped her confess her love;
Guess what!
Then it was a mystery solved!
It was a heart healed!
It was a test not failed!
But what if her dumbness over-weighed an ally’s help?!
Then it was a mystery uncovered!
It was a riddle unsolved!
It was a riddle unsolved!

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